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Canary Islands AR postcard

Revolutionise the way your business connects and engages with your audience. This an example of Augmented Reality for tourism. It is not only a powerful marketing tool but enhances travellers’ experiences.

Expo Stars AR business Card

AR in your business card is a unique and powerful tool to stand out and make your business memorable.This is an Augmented Reality Business Card for Expo Stars at the Exhibitor Live Show 2019 in Las Vegas. Expo Stars focuses on helping exhibitors to increase the return on investment at trade shows by increasing visitor engagement. The AR business card was designed to be used by the staff at the stand helping to create a focal point and promoting Expo Stars services and direct links so the user can respond to direct call to action. This is a fantastic way to measure your success too. With our analytics, we can also track every person who interacted with the card after the show.


Heart Valve awareness day

Digital Pop-Ups has developed and now launched an AR experience for the Heart Valve Voice (at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day) that allows patients to visit a “Cath Lab” from their phone or tablet.

The app prepares patients for going into surgery allowing them to see what the cath lab looks like, move around inside and get an idea of the sorts of people who will be involved. Due to the target audience age group, the app also aims at getting other members of the family involved. It helps to increase health literacy, reduce stress and anxiety and bond families together as part of the patient care plan.

The Aquarian Health Shop Summer Campaign

Digital Pop-Ups has created a postcard that comes to life through mobile devices.

This is an innovative and fun way to get locals and visitors engaged for the chance to win prizes, to promote Cahersiveen in Ireland as a tourist destination and to get to know Suzan (our client) and all that she has to offer. Customers could pick a postcard at the store and play a game in the virtual town of Cahersiveen and enter a prize draw.

Organic Box Showcase

The Organic box concept is an idea to explore new ways AR could help with personalized orders; how that could potentially help people with their nutrition and avoid waste. 

AR in Real Estate and 360 virtual experiences

This is a concept example demonstrating the potential of AR use in real estate, architecture and 360 virtual experiences.

AR saves agencies and clients considerable amounts of time by accelerating the viewing cycle, allowing the viewer to “experience” a potential home at distance and speed up the decision making process.

Exhibition Map Example

This is an example of triggering content from an exhibition event map where users can access more details about each exhibitor by scanning the map with their mobile device.

This not only makes event maps less confusing and more relevant but allows traders and exhibitors to add videos or other promotional material to better communicate their product offerings. As well as adding additional information, Augmented Reality has the ability to change and remove real-world information – allowing certain pieces of content to be isolated to draw users attention. Map information accessed through Augmented Reality can also be altered throughout the duration of the event, allowing companies to advertise seminars and product demonstrations.

Urban Wedding Business Launch invitation

Zoey and Michelle used AR to launch their Urban Wedding Compan. It is Manchester’s first urban, industrial wedding and styling company.

Once you scan the card with our app, it triggers a welcome video, a link to their new website and a photo feature where users can place Urban Wedding Company logo anywhere in their physical world or take a selfie and share it on social media.

As we can track, the response has been amazing, and we wish them great success in their new venture.

International Women's day

This AR experience was created to celebrate Women in Technology on the 2018 Women’s Day. This is a 360 immersive experience where users move the phone around. Once the image is scanned, the user is transfered to a gallery with photos of the women pioneers of the technological era with a brief description and link to more information about each of them.