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AR create business value by improving performance across the value chain – product development, manufacturing, service and many other areas.

AR experiences enable can be app, web or headset / glasses based. However, currently app-based AR experiences on smartphones and other mobile devices are most prevalent.

At Digital Pop-Ups we focus, at this stage, on the potential of AR for marketing and communication using mobile devices. However, as demand for wearables grows and/or it is suitable for the project then we have the resources and partners to make it happen.

Global Augmented Reality Ad Revenues Expected to Top $2 Billion by 2022.*

* eMarketer Augmented Reality Marketing and Advertising 2018 Report

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“The AR experiences delivered almost double (1.9 times) the levels of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent.” Neuro-Insight

Some of the Interactive Experiences we offer

AR and VR Product Visualisation

Interactive Brochures

AR Catalogues

360-Degree Environments

AR and VR Visualisation of Event Spaces and Maps


AR Portals (Place virtual spaces the real world)

The Benefits of using AR

Deeper engagement

A combined physical and digital experience is more immersive

Interactive 3D content

Product visualisations

Increase dwell time

Generate leads

Interactive AR experience as a softer entry point to a sales rep conversation.

Capture email addresses through AR take-away material

Attract more people to your stand or store

Analytics and data

Real time Campaign Performance

Greater ROI

We love the potential of augmented reality, and we’re sure you will too.

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