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4. AR for Real Estate

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AR creates business value by improving performance across the value chain – product development, manufacturing, service and many other areas.

AR experiences enable can be app, web or headset / glasses based. However, currently app-based AR experiences on smartphones and other mobile devices are most prevalent.

At Digital Pop-Ups we focus, at this stage, on the potential of AR for marketing and communication using mobile devices. However, as demand for wearables grows and/or it is suitable for the project then we have the resources and partners to make it happen.

Our work is powered by the Zappar app. Zappar is a free app compatible with Android and iOS. You just open the app, scan an image with a zapcode on it, and the rest is magic.

Global Augmented Reality Ad Revenues Expected to Top $2 Billion by 2022.*

* eMarketer Augmented Reality Marketing and Advertising 2018 Report

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“The AR experiences delivered almost double (1.9 times) the levels of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent.” Neuro-Insight

Some of the Interactive Experiences we offer

Product Visualisation

Interactive Brochures

AR Catalogues

360-Degree Environments

Visualisation of Event Spaces and Maps

Small Games

AR Portals (Place virtual spaces the real world)

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AR for Events

Increase your overall engagement at your event

AR for Heart Valve Awareness Day Event by Digital Pop-Ups
Augmented Reality for Events by Zappar
Augmented Reality Business Card for an Event at the Exhibitor Live Show 2019

By using AR in your exhibition, trade show or conference you can:

Attract more people to your stand.

Stand out from the competition.

Engage with your audience.

Capture data and qualify prospects.

Measure the event performance in real time.

Significantly increase your return on investment.

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AR for Retail

AR offers the opportunity for more active and engaging retailer marketing.

AR for Retail by Digital Pop-Ups. Video by Zappar

Turns all passive product, packaging, print, POS and marketing touchpoints into active digital channels for greater customer engagement.

Delivers better measurement and analysis of every aspect of the product and marketing mixing to drive greater efficiency and ROI

Increase Brand Engagement.

Engage with your audience.

See live results of how activity is performing.

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AR for Real Estate

Augmented Reality for Real Estate by Digital Pop-Ups
Augmented Reality for Real Estate Development by Digital Pop-Ups

This is a concept example demonstrating the potential of AR use in real estate, architecture and 360 virtual experiences.

AR experiences save agencies and clients considerable amounts of time by accelerating the viewing cycle, allowing the viewer to “experience” a potential home at a distance and speed up the decision making the process.

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AR for Tourism

The Aquarian Health Shop AR Tourism Campaign by Digital Pop-Ups. Video by Zappar
From a simple postcard to an entire new AR experience by Digital Pop-Ups

Revolutionise the way your business connects and engages with your audience. This an example of Augmented Reality for tourism. It is not only a powerful marketing tool but enhances travellers’ experiences.

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AR for Packaging

Revolutionise your packaging and engage with the consumers of today.

AR for Packaging by Zappar

Bring your packaging to life with interactive content

Serve contextually relevant information at point of purchase and consumption.

Driver greater understanding of your users.

Measure the event performance in real time.

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The Benefits of using AR

Deeper engagement

A combined physical and digital experience is more immersive

Interactive 3D content

Product visualisations

Increase dwell time

Generate leads

Interactive AR experience as a softer entry point to a sales rep conversation.

Capture email addresses through AR take-away material

Attract more people to your stand or store

Analytics and data

Real time Campaign Performance

Greater ROI

We love the potential of augmented reality, and we’re sure you will too.

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