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Thghtful Gifts Startup - Australia "I had no physical product and wanted to be up and running within a short amount of time. Milenne was great with taking on my feedback and making changes to the designs quickly.
The renders helped me save costs with my labels and designs as I could see it on the product. They've also helped me choose my customized box by seeing it in 3D render and with the advertising: everyone loves the designs and it booted my pre-orders. Thanks to the renders! "

Alicja - CEO Thgful Gifts
The Organizer Product Validation These renders were made from taking my chicken scratch sketches and turning them into an amazing first draft. Thank you Digital Pop-Ups for reading my mind!

Kristy - Entrepreneur
Kingspan Augmented Reality Project "The client wanted a soft launch of the technology prior to their big show in November. Over the 2 days there were 144 ‘Zaps’ whereby people interacted with the augmented reality experience, and feedback from users was hugely positive.

Nikki Hilton - Digital Strategy Manager at Eclipse Marketing
The Heart Valve Voice Augmented Reality Experience for Patients Launched at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day, the AR 360 gyro experience allowed patients to visit a Cath Lab from their phone or tablet before their heart procedure.
The AR experience also helped to increase health literacy, reduce stress anxiety and bond families together.
Kamoro Products Crowdfunding Campaign for Smell Free Compost Bin
€30K Raised!
"Great experience! Milenne did a very good job and the renders we got were perfect and over our expectations! When we had wishes or needed any changes, big or small, she completed them and finished the whole project perfectly in time. I can definitely recommend her!".

Adrian Moro (Germany)
Soft Drink Concept Brand and Packaging Development "The renders helped me to visualise my concepts and identify design issues. It has also allowed me to get a visual representation of my drink for market research. The augmented reality allowed me to see how my product would sit on shelves amongst others."

Marie Jonah - Entrepreneur
Vitra Bathrooms Engagement through Augmented Reality Augmented Reality campaign for Magnetic London Marketing agency for their client, the Turkish Retailer Vitra.

The campaign was based on featuring 3D models of 6 of their range of bathrooms on their catalogue with options to change colours and placing on their environment using AR on mobile devices.
ICS Product Visualisation for Client Engagement "A perfect 3D virtual replica of the real model that can now be used in many ways for marketing purposes helping customers to explore the terminal and its features.

Slide Our Services Whatever stage you are we provide a whole range of graphic assets top help with you achieving your goals.

You don't need to have "everything ready". If you only have an idea and a couple of drawings that is fine. If you have a product already it is fine.
3D Modelling - Products, Packaging, Machines and other items.

3D Rendering - Also known as CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). It involves, applying textures to our model, setting up a virtual photo studio and lighting to achieve amazing looking pictures. We can render from concepts for product validation until photorealistic renders for promotion.

Interior Environments - we don't specialise in architectural visualisation but we can create environments to suit the project.

3D Animation and Simulations - We can create product explosions for demonstrations, simulate them in the real environment or overlay your product on a photo realistically.

Remodelling from CAD files. We can work from a real object, technical drawings or exitsting CAD files to create lighter meshes that are suitable for realtime applications such as AR and VR.

Augmented Reality Experiences (AR)
Ar is a technology that overlays digital content onto the real world via mobile devices. There are many ways you can use AR for products.
You can "add" you product in any environment. For example, you can simulate your virtual product on a real supermarket shelf. You can also use AR for marketing through interactive engagement campaigns.
The Benefits of 3D Visualisation Visualise your ideas before real prototypes and manufacturing
Identify and solve potential design issues, and therefore avoid costly production during the ideation process.
Improve accuracy of feedback from your market research.
Enhance your presentation and Improve your chances to get funding.
Increase your marketing options and save costs with product photography so you can even start selling even before you your physical product is ready and many more.
The Benefits of Augmented Reality Concept Visualisation in the real world. With AR you can try and test many different options of your design in the real word allowing you to explore the possibilities and saving huge costs.
Increase Exposure . Create memorable experiences and stand out. AR provides new prospects for marketing and advertising such as branding and cross channel marketing opportunities.
Engage your Audience. Use AR to turn all your passive product, packaging, brochures or any other marketing collateral into active digital channels for greater customer engagement.
Maximise ROI. AR creates business value by improving performance across the value chain – product development, manufacturing, service and many other areas.

We are here to help you throughout the whole process so you are never alone. Please have a look at some examples below and contact us today to discuss your project.
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Slide Pricing Guide 3D visualisation is very affordable. However, price will very much depend on each individual project. Our prices start from £250 up to £10k or more, so it is important to understand what goes into costing a 3D Visualisation Project.
The main factors that influence cost are:
Labour -the amount of time it takes to model or remodelled a product so it will depend on the object complexity, its materials, the lighting, cameras, animation or any other added elements like particles and effects.
Render times - it refers to how much computer power is needed to process the images once the work is done by the artist. An image for the web renders faster than a big poster for print. Also the materials are important as glass and reflective surfaces will require more substantially more processing time.
Interactivity - these are our augmented reality projects which requires a whole different and extra set of skills and involves not only the modelling and texturing for AR, bit also design of UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience), coding and testing.

We work with a wide range of clients at different stages in their business. We are here to help to find the best visual solution for your budget. We have created three package guide prices below. These are for reference only. The difference is in the type and amount of work in each and not the quality.
The prices below represent a range of different types of projects and are only for reference. We always calculate the prices on each proposal.
Bronze It would normally include:
Modelling and Rendering or a simple product and packaging.
Materials and Textures.
Studio lighting setup
Rendering of up to 5 images.
Price Range: £250 - £800
Silver - Most Popular More complex objects and elements in the scene would fall into this category.
Modelling, Texturing and Lighting.
Animation like product explosions.
Rendering between 6 and 10 images of the same product. Simple augmented reality
Price Range: £801 - £3500
Gold These are normally our more complex projects with augmented reality. It includes the project planning.
Low res Modelling, Texturing, UI and UX
Coding and Testing, Implementation and Maintenance.

Price Range: £3.5k - £10k+

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