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Please check our 3 main services from the the above menu.

Some of the Interactive Experiences we offer

Product Visualisation

Interactive Brochures

AR Catalogues

360 Environments

Visualisation of Event Spaces and Maps

Small Games

AR Portals (Place virtual spaces the real world)

We cover services like:

Concept Design

Here at Digital Pop-Ups, Augmented Reality is our specialism, and we will tailor every AR experience to meet your goals. Unique and eye-catching, we will make sure that your Augmented Reality creation is specially created with you and your purposes in mind.

UI and UX Design

We work on how the Augmented Reality experience feels for the user, ensuring that the product logically flows throughout all its features. We then refine and iterate the product to create the best user experience that is engaging and easy to use.

Graphic Design

For the use of printed media with Augmented Reality experiences, we provide the graphic design services for all the target images for the project. AR is also easily implemented within inline print production methodologies.

3D Modelling and Animation

Experienced in the creation of product campaigns, innovative event invitations, and more, we offer a unique way to create something truly memorable. And one of our core Augmented Reality specialisms is 3D modelling.

AR requires a particular way to deal with 3D models. Just purchasing an online 3D model does not mean that it will work real-time mobile devices.

This service is top-rated amongst other AR agencies that do not have in house 3D expertise. We understand the entire pipeline of producing 3D models, how to optimise them, create textures, lay UVs and all the technical side of the optimum generating models for AR purposes.


Filled to the brim with technological talent, our coding team is responsible for the complete functionality and interactivity of the finished piece.


You will be able to measure the success of your campaign as we can provide you with Analytics, how many people interacted with the experience, their geographical information and device used.

Services for other Agencies that are creating AR projects.

We also offer individual  services to marketing and advertising agencies who have implemented AR as part of their services but require some specialised skills in order make sure that the experience is optimised for a smooth real-time AR experience.

With so many websites now selling 3D assets.

We have the expertise in:

Modelling low poly 3D models.

Texturing and Baking

Retopology of high poly 3D models to low poly.


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