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Business Up North Publication

North West trio team up for Kingspan Augmented reality experience!

A trio of northwest based tech marketers teamed up to bring a disruptive experience to the construction industry’s exhibition environment with an augmented reality experience this month. Continue reading here.

Reframe Women in Tech

Reframe is a not for profit event, for and run by a community of like-minded technology experts and future tech talent, to reframe the narrative around women in technology through positive action.

Milenne, director of Digital Pop-Ups has delivered a seminar and workshop about Augmented Reality. “We have discussed the power of AR in transforming the way we live, how it can revolutionise the use of information and how we communicate and interact with the world.”

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Desmistyfing Augmented Reality Masterclass at the Win Trade Event

Milenne, director of Digital Pop-Ups has given a talk about AR at the Win Trade International Women Entrepreneur 2019 event. It was very inspiring to hear all about the other business and share the potential AR can bring when using the right strategy.

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Manchester Business Magazine

Read the article here.

Manchester Evening News

How AR is being used by one SME to breathe life into campaigns

Digital media stalwart Milenne Tanganelli has made it her mission to enhance campaigns through the use of augmented reality.

Read the article here.

Prolific North

An augmented reality project, created by a Manchester start-up is being used in hospitals to help with heart problems. Continue reading here.

BQ Magazine Article for Business Finance

Digital Pop-Ups develops life-saving technology with GC Business Finance support.

Founder Milenne Tanganelli launched her business last year, having previously developed a range of award-winning non-AR campaigns for clients including the Department of Transport and the London Cycling Campaign. Continue reading here.

Zappar Blog

With our world becoming increasingly connected through smartphones, it’s an incredible time for designers and developers to leverage AR not only as a creative medium but as a business opportunity too. Continue reading here.

Digital Business Women Magazine

Read the article here.

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