Peter Jeffs Holistics

“We have worked on preparing this 3D scanned horse by Khanir030291 at CG trader, to be used for a digital course.

We have added new hair using 3D fur and also adapted the model so it could be used to draw meridian lines by the client.

The client then can place the camera in any position and render the horse with the meridian lines and therefore making content creation faster and a lot more effective.

Grazy Jeenez

Concept Design for Fashion

Sports Wear Fashion Concepts

Due to confidentiality, the image is not the final concept for Crazy Jeenez but is similar.

We can work with fashion and fabrics adapting and simulating to different body shapes.

Thghtful Gifts

“I had no physical product and wanted to be up and running within a short amount of time.  

Milenne was great with taking on my feedback and making changes to the designs quickly.

The renders helped me save costs with my labels and designs as I could see them on the product.  They’ve also helped me choose my customized box by seeing it in 3D render and with the advertising: everyone loves the designs and it booted my pre-orders. Thanks to the renders!”


Kamoro Products


Campaign for Smell Free Compost Bin

Milenne did a very good job and the renders we got were perfect and over our expectations! When we had wishes or needed any changes, big or small, she completed them and finished the whole project perfectly in time.

I can definitely recommend Digital Pop-Ups!”

Adrian Moro (Germany)

Vitra Bathrooms

Engagement through Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality campaign for Magnetic London Marketing agency for their client, the Turkish Retailer Vitra.

The campaign was based on featuring 3D models of 6 of their range of bathrooms on their catalogue with options to change colours and place them in their environment using AR on mobile devices.



Product Visualisation for Client Engagement

“A perfect 3D virtual replica of the real model that can now be used in many ways for marketing purposes helping customers to explore the terminal and its features.


Kingspan AR/VR

Augmented and Virtual Reality for Training

We have developed 3 augmented reality projects for Kingspan and 1 virtual reality to help with client engagement and training.

The AR and VR projects helped clients and contractors with an innovative way to offer remote training as well as enhance clients’ experience.

Milenne did a very good job and the renders we got were perfect and over our expectations!I can definitely recommend Digital Pop-Ups.

Adrian Moro

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