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Kingspan Industrial Insulation UK

Marketing Agency: Eclipse Creative


To enhance Kingspan’s HVAC exhibition stand and marketing material to increase engagement at their stand and stand out from their competitors.

To stand out and differentiate themselves at their trade shows. The client wanted to offer something that positioned Kingspan as technologically in the lead as a company.

The Products

Kingspan’s premium performance pipe and duct insulation systems

The campaign was promoted by a poster on the sides of the product demonstration unit and also flyers distributed to visitors.

The Panel: Once scanned using available ipads, a 3D virtual pipe and duct insulation systems appears as a 3D model fixed on the panel.

User Experience Study

It was really important that due to the size of the stand, panel and the 3D model, we needed to first simulate the user experience around the stand in order to understand the flow of the experience in the space available.

Since we have a large panel and 3D model, so we decided to use what we call ‘Extended Tracking’ for the stand. By using ‘Extended Tracking’, only the initial scanning of the experience would require you to place the whole of the target image within the camera view thus overcoming any issues with space.

Once the experience loads and is activated against the target image, the user can then walk around and face their camera away from the image as it is now tracked to a position relative to the world.’

Left: the panel attached to stand. Right: The panel with the AR 3D model through the iPad.

The Outcome

The project had a soft launch at Healthcare Estates 2019 exhibition in Manchester in October and then at the Build Perform Expo in London November.

Words from the Client: Nikki Hilton, Digital Strategy Manager at Eclipse managed the project and was impressed with the results during its debut outing at the earlier Manchester Healthcare Estates 2019 exhibition. ‘The client wanted a soft launch of the technology prior to their big show in November. Over the 2 days there were 144 ‘Zaps’ whereby people interacted with the augmented reality experience, and feedback from users was hugely positive.

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