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ICS Innovative Control System


To enhance ICS marketing activities by using photo realistic product visualisation of their payment terminal.

To increase brand visibility, drive more traffic to the website.

The Project

Innovative Control Systems (ICS) is the leading provider of technology solutions for the carwash industry.

This project consisted of creating a 3D photorealistic model of one of their Payment Terminals for either the web or for AR.

This project was firstly intended to be an Augmented Reality experience and later it was adapted to be used on the client’s website as an embedded Sketchfab file. We have modelled two versions of the terminal based on their original CAD files.

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. It is a digital file format of an object generated and used by a CAD software which is standard for manufacturing processes. However, this format is not suitable for web, VR or AR due to its dense mesh affecting performance on a real-time mobile devices experiences and also other display factors.

Our hightly specialised team remodelled the terminal as a low polygon mesh and created all the textures and animation for publishing in Sketchfab.

The Outcome

A perfect 3D virtual replica of the real model that can now be used in many ways for marketing purposes helping customers to explore the terminal and its features.

ICS Flex 2 Terminal Payment Optmised 3D Model

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