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Heart Valve Voice

The Heart Valve Voice AR Experience


To create an AR experience that helps to raise awareness of the Heart Valve Voice at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day

The Project

Digital Pop-Ups has created a 360-degree stylised replica of the CathLab where the heart valve procedure takes place.

The app prepares patients for going into surgery allowing them to see what the lab looks like, move around inside and get an idea of the sorts of people who will be involved.

Due to the target audience age group, the app also aimed at getting other members of the family involved.

There are three different areas :

  1. The main Cath Lab where patients can find out about the staff present that will be there and what their jobs are, access two explanatory videos and listen to patient stories.
  2. The Monitor Room where patients can download specific information about the heart condition.
  3. The Patient’s Gallery where patients can listen and download the successful stories of previous patients.

We have created the environment in CG and rendered for 360 AR and populated with photos using real nurses and doctors.

The Outcome

Launched at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day in September 2018, the AR 360 gyro experience is now going out to hospitals to be given to patients, allowing them to visit a Cath Lab from their phone or tablet.

The AR experience also helped to increase health literacy, reduce stress anxiety and bond families ans expected to be incorporated as part of the patient care plan.

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