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Augmented Reality (AR) beyond Print Marketing

AR and print are an ideal combination for marketers looking to maximise their return on both print and digital channels. With AR, you can add layers of digital content. It could be an animation, a 3D model, a game or any combination of images, sound and video that, together, create […]

Communicate tourism beyond print

Revolutionise the way your business connects and engages with your audience. This an example of Augmented Reality for tourism. This a demonstration of augmenting a simple postcard. It is not only a powerful marketing tool but enhances traveller’s experiences. Please check video on this link.

AR between the 10 digital marketing predictions for 2019

“Augmented reality will be used more widely Most recently, AR in digital marketing has been used mostly among beauty brands; L’Oreal, Punky Color, and Madison Reed have long made AR-applications for virtual makeup. However, according to estimates from the Harvard Business Review, global investment in AR development will exceed $60B by […]

Manchester Business Magazine

Read our interview at the Manchester Evening News Magazine and also on the newspaper.  

And it is the end of 2018

WOW. I cannot believe it is now Christmas and 2018 comes to an end. What an amazing year and I would like to thank you all who have been part of Digital Pop-Ups. The Team, Clients, Collaborators, Associates, Partners, Advisors, Coaches, Family and Friends. Thank you for helping Digital Pop-Ups […]

BQ Magazine Article for Business Finance

Digital Pop-Ups got featured at the BQ Magazine. I don’t think we develop life-saving tech as the title says but, for sure it is life-changing the way we are using Augmented Reality to communicate at a much deeper level with audiences. For the full interview click below: Other Publications: […]

Building an AR agency from scratch

I would like to thank Zappar for my interview, my story and my journey with Digital Pop-Ups. Read it here:

Simple and Effective AR

AR doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. This is  simple AR card example for The College of Optometrists at their masterclass event for demonstration purposes. The higher the number the clearer the image just like when you go for your eye […]

Digital Marketing Award Finalist

We are thrilled to say that our client Suzan Turan, from The Aquarian Health Store was a finalist at the Retail Digital Marketing Award 2018 in which our Augmented Reality postcard was part of it. Congratulation Suzan Turan, you deserve it. You are leading innovation and you are a great […]

AR experience for Heart Valve Day

Digital Pop-Ups has developed and now launched an AR experience for the Heart Valve Voice (at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day) that allows patients to visit a “Cath Lab” from their phone or tablet. The app prepares patients for going into surgery allowing them to see what the cath […]