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Communicating your business during lockdown

The current situation is deeply challenging for all companies whose communication depends upon reaching out to their B2B clients, and of course, taking part in Exhibitions and Trade Fairs – currently canceled during the period of lock-down. It is for this reason that I would like to take a moment to share with you the opportunities that Augmented Reality (AR) Apps offer and explain how they can help you keep your marketing activities going remotely. 


Responses to a challenging conjuncture

Whilst the current situation offers many challenges, several key opportunities now present themselves. Most brands are not yet using AR technologies, as they have not yet had the opportunity to experience the potential of this technology. Others use it to deliver “special-effects”. For this reason, many brands and consumers see AR as a gimmick to be used for entertainment purposes, rather than providing the added-value and substance necessary for high-quality B2B communication, leading to sales and increased ROI. AR is a powerful tool when used correctly. The more AR develops, the more we will see purpose-driven experiences that add value to brand communication and to people’s lives. Adoption takes time, but when it occurs, innovation will pave the way for an entirely new ecosystem of creativity, experimentation, and communication.


Evolving technologies

 Whilst keeping up with change is pivotal, the adoption of new technologies must be done in such a way that it solves existing problems within your business infrastructure. We then need to look at new and innovative ways to reach your online audience and those who you would normally reach through trade-shows. We also have to offer the best possible customer experience. We need to identify where your customers are situated and how they are going to interact with the AR experience uniquely based upon your content. For the experience to valorize your brand and products, we have to edit the information to its essentials, eliminating digital “noise” and any potential information overload.


Product Visualisation is a sales tool

As a visual tool, AR helps your sales staff to come up with powerful and innovative ways of explaining how your products work to your clients. Wherein lies your product’s added value over that of competitors. Keeping clients engaged and entertained by a quality interactive experience is also a very powerful tool. With large products – transportation costs for delivery and setting up stands for client visits is expensive. High-quality 3D immersive experiences offer an immediacy for the client wishing to explore a product in depth. These can be shared via tablet, web, and video-conferencing. We can in this sense, take the presence of the physical object out of the sales process. A high-quality digital AR platform thus enables you to continue demonstrating, explaining, and educating your audiences and client base. With AR, we can embed your products with 360-degree interactive visualization, and provide digital models that can be shared with your colleagues and buyers during conference calls. Using our Augmented Reality applications, you can even enable your audience to place the product in their technical or commercial environment and interact with it. 

Real-time data

Another exciting feature is that AR apps also provide you with real-time data. Not only can your client learn about your products through the virtual interface, but you are also able to gain insight into how your audience is engaging with your content. You can even make changes to your digital product, without distracting from the user’s experience. 



Taking advantage of the challenging conjunction, AR offers a portal to new and innovative ways of communicating with your clients. It also offers the potential of in-depth (virtual) product experience,  of great commercial advantage in an era of lock-down, which has prevented large gatherings and Trade Fairs and Exhibitions from taking place. AR offers great potential for explaining how your products work and can be used on tablets or phones, so maximizing the number of user interfaces. Not only can AR projects be broadcast over video-conferencing, but they also provide you with real-time data, so giving you valuable insight into your clients’ experience. 

At Digital Pop-Ups offer to help businesses overcome the challenges associated with market development and communication, whether or not you have already explored AR technology in the communication of your products.

To find out how we can help you get your messages across, please drop us a line, so that we learn more about your needs, and explore how we can best help your business at this time.