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Augmented Reality (AR) beyond Print Marketing

AR and print are an ideal combination for marketers looking to maximise their return on both print and digital channels.

With AR, you can add layers of digital content. It could be an animation, a 3D model, a game or any combination of images, sound and video that, together, create an experience for the user, so they go from print to digital instantly by using their mobile device.

There are many ways of how AR can be used to make your print communications more engaging and immersive:

1. You can use it for lead generation by engaging more prospects at your trade show for example.

2. Training guides: educational potential is enormous. AR can be implemented in teaching or training for showing your audience how to do something and helping them understand new concepts.

3. Add more content: With AR, you can deliver more information about your products and services, without adding more to your print collateral or packaging. AR enables you to add more of your story, your brand, information and product visualisation.

4. Use AR to bring your audience closer to your brand: Because AR is still such a new and exciting technology, having an AR on your print leads people to interact with your brand’s digital channels. Add a call to action, and incentive, like coupons and promotions, and they’re even more likely to engage.

Whether you want to engage an audience, promote your product or service in more detail in exciting ways, or you would like to extend your story, your brand, beyond what could be typically printed on your marketing collaterals or packaging, you can use
AR strategically at every step of the customer journey.

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