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AR between the 10 digital marketing predictions for 2019

“Augmented reality will be used more widely

Most recently, AR in digital marketing has been used mostly among beauty brands; L’Oreal, Punky Color, and Madison Reed have long made AR-applications for virtual makeup. However, according to estimates from the Harvard Business Review, global investment in AR development will exceed $60B by 2020.

Following IKEA, which launched the AR-application for “fitting” its furniture to the interiors back in 2016, large retailers are pulling in with a similar AR-option for online shopping. It allows you to “move” products from the online catalogue to the home environment, to assess in advance how they would fit in.

Another example is Coca-Cola who recently sponsored a branded application for AR broadcasts from NASCAR racing. The virtual “portal” on the smartphone screen was made in the form of a giant can of cola, with the soda brand aiming increase loyalty among racing fans while NASCAR hopes to appeal to millennials. ”

Source: Think with Google