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AR Advertising using Event Maps

Augmented reality has the potential to generate valuable advertising experiences during events.

But imagine being able to unlock additional relevant information about exhibitors and services at the event through the use of Augmented Reality?

This is an example of triggering content from an exhibition event map where users can access more details about each exhibitor by scanning the map with their mobile device.

This not only makes event maps less confusing and more relevant but allows traders and exhibitors to add videos or other promotional material to better communicate their product offerings. As well as adding additional information, Augmented Reality has the ability to change and remove real-world information – allowing certain pieces of content to be isolated to draw users attention. Map information accessed through Augmented Reality can also be altered throughout the duration of the event, allowing companies to advertise seminars and product demonstrations.

It is also possible to personalise the content according to the attendee’s profile resulting in greater engagement and enhanced experience for the user.

Using Augmented Reality for event maps is a new and exciting direction for this innovative technology. We can work with you to develop your interactive event maps ideas, and transform them into a unique and engaging concept with reaps a great return on investment.