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AR Production

From Concept
to Delivery

Why not starting with one of our products below? We offer a variety of AR experiences that can be triggered from any print like:

AR Business Cards

AR Postcards

AR Brochures and Catalogues

AR Banners

AR Packaging

Prices will depend on what you would like to add to your experience and how complex it is. Please check our indicative price list at the bottom of this page.

From each of our AR Products above, we can create bespoke experiences.

3D Interactive Product Visualisation and Animation

360 degrees environments

World Placing of Objects (see in the world before you buy)

Animated Objects and Characters

Portals (Open new virtual spaces onto the real world)

Videos and Photos

The cost of an AR experience can vary between hundreds to tens of thousands based on several factors.

We offer 3 AR packages according to the different levels of complexity .

The AR Basic Package

Price ranges between £1.5k and £3k. It includes:

  • Tracked experience (target image provided)
  • All video + assets must be provided
  • Up to 3 scenes in the experience
  • Connect to social media + websites

The AR Standard Package

Price ranges between £3k and £7k depending on the features . It includes :

  • Tracked experience (target image provided)
  • 360-degree Gyroscope
  • 3D model with animation
  • World or Face Tracking
  • Selfie photo feature
  • Videos and Photos

The AR Pro Package

The Pro Package is the advanced level of AR experience and it involves a high level of complexity. For this type of projects we work with our trusted highly specialised partners. Prices start from £10k and it can go up to £50k or more. For this package you will need our AR consultancy service to start with.

  • Tracked experience
  • Branded App
  • Target image designed
  • 3+ scenes
  • Multiple 3D models
  • World and Face Tracking
  • Game mechanics
  • VR mode enabled in one scene
  • 360 video and/or imagery
  • Competition mechanics
  • Mixed Reality with ZapBox

*Please note that for businesses that are looking to incorporate AR as part of  their Marketing Strategy, you will need first an AR Consultancy Session.

Just get in contact with us and we will be able to advise you on how to get started and we will help you to find the best AR solution.

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