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AR for Tourism Marketing

Augmented Tourist Destinations

Enhance Physical Environments

The possibilities of AR with print media are virtually endless. Travel agents and operators can enhance their existing brochures and travel catalogs by adding deeper levels of content including animated visualisation, videos, 360 degrees visits. With AR marketing you can provide valuable information and inspire customers and them help make the final decision quicker.

Enhancing Customer Experience

AR is a solutions helps companies in the travel sector to enhance customer experience and personalisation increasing brand exposure and maintaining customer loyalty.

The Aquarian Health Shop at Cahersiveen – Ireland

The Aquarian Health Store in Cahersiveen 2018 summer campaign using Augmented Reality (AR).

Digital Pop-Ups has created a postcard that comes to life through mobile devices.

This was an innovative and fun way to get locals and visitors to visit the shop and engage with the experience and play a game for the chance to win prizes.

At the same time the AR experience was used to promote Cahersiveen in Ireland as a tourist destination.

Canary Islands Postcard Example

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