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AR for Retail


Create more active and engaging consumer-facing retailer marketing initiatives in-store, on the go and at home.

See live results of how an activity is performing.

Delivers better measurement and analysis of every aspect of the product and marketing mixing to drive greater efficiency and ROI

Turns all passive product, print, POS and marketing touchpoints into active digital channels for greater customer engagement.

“Technology is fundamentally changing mindsets, shopping ehaviours and food expectations “. Richard Hess – Nestle.

AR and 3D helps online retailers to compete with physical retailers.

You cannot only bring a 3D product on top of a catalogue but you can also place a virtual version of your product in your own environment using a mobile device.

Whether is a car, furniture, small or large items, AR for e-commerce inspires consumer confidence and drive engagement, sales, and satisfaction.

Virtual Car placed in Shopping Centre using AR

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