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AR for Health Care


Patients visit a “Cath Lab” from their phone or tablet.

There are many uses of AR in Healthcare like training for doctors and nurses. as well as aiding medical professionals to complete everyday tasks more efficiently and accurately. In this case study, we have used AR as a tool to provide patients with a deeper understanding of process and professionals involved during the heart valve replacement helping to easy anxiety and also get families involved.

The Heart Valve AR experience was created for Heart Valve Voice, an organization responsible for creating awareness of deadly heart valve disease. We launched at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day in September 2018 and it’s now going out to hospitals to be given to patients. The 360 gyro experience allows patients to visit a “Cath Lab” from their phone or tablet.

The app prepares patients for going into ‘surgery’ allowing them to see what the Cath Lab looks like, move around inside and get an idea of the sorts of people who will be involved and what their jobs are. They can also listen and read other patient’s successful stories, and then share their own story on social media with the photo feature helping to create awareness of the disease. 

Due to the target audience age group (mostly over 65), the app also aims at getting other members of the family involved. The aim is to put patient’s at ease, to increase health literacy, reduce stress and anxiety and bond families together. It is a beautiful project and the older generation loved it. I have met a few patients who had already gone through the procedure, and they all said: “ I wish I had that before my heart valve replacement.”

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