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Increase your overall engagement at your event

Increase your overall engagement at your event

By using AR you can

  • Attract more people to your stand.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Capture data and qualify prospects.
  • Measure the event performance in real time.
  • Significantly increase your return on investment.
“At Digital Pop-Ups we make stands and marketing materials come to life with interactive content.” 

The Benefits of using AR at your live Event

Deeper engagement


  • A combined physical and digital experience is more immersive
  • Interactive 3D content
  • Product visualisations
  • Increase dwell time

Generate leads

  • Interactive AR experience as a softer entry point to a sales rep conversation.
  • Capture email addresses through AR take-away material
  • Attract more people to your stand or store

Analytics and data


  • Real time Campaign Performance
  • Greater ROI

How we can help and getting started

We focus on the experience based on the business outcome rather than the technology itself.

Either if you are an exhibitor or an agency, you don’t need to have a project in mind before contacting us. The best way to get started is to check our AR consultancy services page  or contact us now.

Some of the interactive experiences include:

  • Interactive Brochures
  • Product Visualisation
  • AR Catalogues
  • 360 Environments
  • Visualisation of Event Spaces and Maps
  • Small Games
  • Educational and Training