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AR Consultancy

AR offers enormous untapped potential to revolutionize your business’s marketing activities.

With the right strategy, AR can help you to achieve many business outcomes like driving deeper engagement, increasing brand exposure, generating more leads, demonstrating your products, educating your audience, maximizing your ROI and many other benefits. Having a good AR strategy is vital.

So how can you use AR effectively for your business? Just adding “some AR” in your marketing collateral is not enough for two reasons. First, because your potential clients need to understand the benefits to derive full satisfaction from the AR experience offered. Second, because your own team needs to fully integrate AR best practices in their working environment. Having a full understanding of the whole process from concept to delivery is essential.

This is why we have created a consultancy package to help you to deliver your AR project with confidence, whatever stage you are in your AR journey.


Your business is already familiar with AR; you are excited to plan and then launch your first AR project. This comprises a two-session consultation with your company.

In the first session, we work with you to understand what you are aiming to achieve with AR. Using this information, we then provide you ten days later with an AR Strategy Report. This unique document, tailored to your business and sector, offers you the strategic planning advice to make AR work as a key player in your marketing strategy. It also comes with an outline of a project proposal to roll your first AR project out to your client base.

Your AR Strategy Report includes:

A detailed analysis of your business communication structure.

A three-point plan on how AR can work for your business.

A bespoke proposal with ideas to implement AR in your marketing campaigns.

In the second consultation session, the proposal is discussed and refined, and at this point, the decision to proceed with your first AR project is now yours to make.

The consultancy includes the Strategy Report and a Project Proposal. If you decide to move forward and commission the project with Digital Pop-Ups, then we will deduct this amount from the total price of your AR project.

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