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Our Mission

Our mission is to use augmented reality at events to help conscious businesses to:

  • Increase exposure and generate awareness
  • Engage better with their target audience
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Better measure their event’s results
  • Improve ROI

Our Vision

Our vision is to create digital content to connect knowledge and information on specific and relevant content to solve the problems of the world developing projects that deliver value to our clients and help them to contribute to positive outcomes in society and our planet.

The People

We are very experienced in the world of digital design, graphics, technology and programming. We bring a lot of expertise and knowledge from different areas into AR. We cannot wait to explore all the possibilities AR can bring to your business.

Milenne Tanganelli

Founder and Director. I am responsible for helping businesses to gain more exposure, increase engagement and maximise ROI by enhancing customer experience using Augmented Reality.
Passionate about delivering meaningful projects, with a background and expertise in
designing effective communication through CG visualisations, animation
and digital illustrations, I have brought this experience in AR to help clients to communicate with their audiences visually with proven track record of identifying and exceeding
client expectations through the creation of bespoke design solutions whilst
meeting business objectives.

Marcus Vinicius

Junior Developer. Graduated in Computer Science from the University of Sao Paulo, Marcus is a very talented and enthusiastic AR developer. He is passionate about coding and also loves teaching children programming logic and game development using a variety of tools. "I've recently discovered the fascinating world of augmented reality and want to dive deep into it".

Peter Jeffs

Art Director and Illustrator. A scientific training combined with a deep love of art contribute to my distinctive approach to visual work. Form arises naturally from our understanding of things and this inspires me to dig deep for my illustration and design work. The best creative designs and illustrations are the fruit of true co-creation between client and designer. Working with corporate clients, publishers and museums over the past 20 years, I have loved creating original projects for annual reports, magazines, exhibition designs and illustrated books for children.

Len Van Der Westhuizen

Chief Graphic & Technical Designer at "The Burping Turtle", a new Graphic Design company based in South Africa. With 17 years of Graphic Design experience for print, it is now breaking into the world of "AR".
At Digital Pop-Ups we believe in working with people no matter where they are in the world. We are very happy to work with Len. He is a very talented AR designer making a valuable contribution to our team.

Our Values

At Digital Popups, we want to be the industry leaders in Augmented Reality in a way that contributes to positive social change for a more sustainable world.

That’s why we have developed four key values that our company lives and breathes by:

Innovation: To continually strive to push the boundaries of Augmented Reality, designing new concepts and applications to set our customers apart from the competition  

Passion: To use our enthusiasm and energy, to deliver out of this world Augmented Reality experiences

Knowledge: To be experts in the field of Augmented Reality

Diversity: To encourage a supportive and inclusive culture across our workforce.

We also have an extensive sustainability and ethical policy, to show we are committed to reducing wastes and conducting all our business with integrity and fairness.

Sustainability: Digital Pop-Ups is committed to promoting sustainability. We aim to follow and promote good sustainability practice, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and to help our clients and partners do the same. We are committed to environmental sustainability and the positive benefits we can have through managing our impacts and add value to the local community, society and the environment.

Ethical: We stand for doing business with integrity and fairness. Digital Pop-Ups is committed to an ethical approach in all our projects, programmes of work and operating procedures. We are working towards ensuring we do not make use of external suppliers or services which invest in, or have any links to, unethical industries, and preference is given, where possible, to Fairtrade and other ethically sound products.

To find out how AR can help you in your event, please contact us.