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Slide About Us Digital Pop-Ups was founded by the 3D Artist and Visual Communicator Milenne Tanganelli.
With over 15 years experience in digital graphics, I have always been passionate about finding ways to communicate a vision beyond the vision system (the sense of sight). As The philosopher and writer Aldous Huxley once said:

”Within your visual communication there will inevitably be some information or meaning beyond the image itself for the person seeing to find. This makes visual communication a very powerful tool, by influencing what people see, you influence what they know, and by influencing what they know you further influence what they see.”

And that is why I have founded Digital Pop-Ups: To work closely with clients to help them not only to visually see their ideas, but to bring their vision to life.
Our Mission Our mission to enhance communication though visual communication. Our Vision To help entrepreneurs and businesses to bring vision to life. Our Values At Digital Popups, we only focus projects that have a positive impact on people, the environment and culture. We will not work on projects that may have a negative impact on society and the planet and that is why we have developed four key values that our company lives and breathes by:
INTEGRITY: Know and do what is right.
RESPECT: Treating others the way you want to be treated.
INNOVATION: To create value to our clients through innovation.
COLABORATION: Leverage collective genious.
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