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From a commercial prospective, Augmented Reality is an incredible asset to use. Imagine being able to stand out from the crowd at your next big exhibition, convention or conference – using the latest technology to bring your marketing materials to life. With Augmented Reality, we can help make your banners, brochures, business cards and product diagrams more eye-catching, and even more engaging through the addition of voice, video, animations, 3D objects, characters and interactive content.


Commercial events are all about grabbing your audience’s attention, regardless of the product or service you are pitching. Your goal as a vendor is to wow people, which is difficult to achieve with traditional marketing materials. By integrating Augmented Reality into your pitch, you will start to notice greater interest in your product offering. People are attracted to the unique and the incredible, like a 3D interactive Augmented Reality product on a large display; or why not use Augmented Reality to impress potential investors with an interactive paperless annual report. The applications for Augmented Reality truly are endless – it can even save clients from boring from static powerpoint presentations!

The application for Augmented Reality is immense, and the benefits it can bring to your brand are vast.


Through the use of smartphones, tablets and glasses – Augmented Reality is easy to transport and set up anywhere. Its portable nature enables your brand and content to be put right in the hands of your consumers, driving interest, awareness and sales.  


Engaging: Its use of voice, videos, animations and 3D objects makes Augmented Reality highly engaging. Users are able to explore relevant product/brand content in a unique way which encourages participation from users.


Content can be shared across social networking sites, allowing users to share their Augmented Reality experience with peer-groups and other interested users. It also encourages user generated content, as the use of Augmented Reality demonstrates to customers that the brand is creatively-minded.

Cutting Edge

Augmented Reality is an innovative technology which bridges the gap between print and digital. It is constantly developing, keeping your business at the forefront of technology.

Creates Awareness

Its ability to deliver unique and exciting concepts sets it apart from other traditional forms of marketing. The appeal of something different – like Augmented Reality – generates higher interest and awareness within the desired target market.

Great ROI

Augmented Reality is very much affordable, compared to other traditional marketing efforts. The use of technology also enables user behaviour to be tracked, documenting what information they accessed, how long they accessed it for, conversion rates, sales, and a whole host of other metrics – depending on your Augmented Reality campaign.

We love the potential of augmented reality, and we’re sure you will too. It really can close the gap between reality and potential. Why not get in touch and see what our AR services can do for you?