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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

“AR is the integration of digital information superimposed onto the real world via mobile devices.”

What do we do?

We use AR combined with an event strategy to maximise your business outcomes.

Whether you have used AR before or if you are unsure how it can help your business, book one of our free AR strategy sessions and we will work with you to identify whether AR is a good fit and how we can help you to achieve your business outcome.

How we do it?

We create digital content that can be added onto the real world around us opening a hidden universe of additional content through your mobile device.

We help businesses to gain more exposure, increase engagement with their target audience and accelerate and boost sales through enhancing customer experience using augmented reality technology.

We make your stands and marketing materials come to life with interactive content at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

Our work is powered by the  Zappar app. Zappar is a free app compatible with Android and iOS.  You just open the app, scan an image with a zapcode on it, and the rest is magic.

"The AR experiences delivered almost double (1.9 times) the levels of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent." Neuro-Insight



We help companies and organisations to use AR in their events. We are now more focused on the healthcare sector. However, not exclusively. If you have an event and you would like to discuss an AR strategy, please feel free to contact us or book a free AR strategy session.

Events - The Benefits

Deeper Engagement

  • Combining physical and digital experience is more immersive and engaging.
  • Interactive 3D content
  • Product Visualisation
  • Educational


Generate leads

  • Attract more people to your stand.
  • Events are all about top of funnel lead generation.
  • Interactive AR experience as a softer entry point to a sales rep conversation.
  • Capture data
  • Qualify prospects

Analytics and Data

  • See performance pre, at and post event.
  • Dashboards showing interactions with AR experiences, in real time.
  • Justify your investment with data points.

"New technology is always a winner to attract attention towards event sponsors, especially if it enables attendees to try out the next big thing they want to experience and share it with their networks".

from “A Complete Guide to Creating Memorable Events”.  E-Book Experience Design by Event Manager Blog.

We love the potential of augmented reality, and we’re sure you will too. It really can close the gap between reality and potential. Why not get in touch and see what our AR services can do for you?