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AR Event Strategy

With our AR strategy, we can drive deeper engagement, generate more data and more leads at your conference, tradeshow, or any other event. It is essential that you have an overall event strategy before using AR, but we can also help with that.
We work with our event strategy partners to make sure you get the results and maximise the return on investment.

Concept Design

Here at Digital Pop-Ups, Augmented Reality is our specialism, and we will tailor every AR experience to meet your goals. Unique and eye-catching, we will make sure that your Augmented Reality creation is specifically created with you and your purposes in mind.

UI and UX Design

Our in-house user experience designers are always on hand to develop your Augmented Reality idea into an out of this world experience. With your guidance, they will work on how the Augmented Reality experience feels, ensuring that the product logically flows throughout all its features. They will refine and iterate the product to create the best user experience possible.

Our in-house interface designers will work with you to create an Augmented Reality experience which users will find engaging and easy to use. They will design each section that a user will interact with, ensuring that the user interface visually communicates the path that our user experience designers have created.

Graphic Design

For the use of printed media with Augmented Reality experiences, we work closely with one of our trusted associates to deliver all of our graphic design work.

3D Modelling

Experienced in the creation of product campaigns, innovative event invitations, and more, we offer a unique way to create something truly memorable. And one of our core Augmented Reality specialisms is 3D modelling.

Our specialist team can create and/or optimise your 3D models, to include them as part of your Augmented Reality experience or optimize your 3D models your existing models to so it is ready for AR experiences that can be animated. The result is an entrancing one: to vividly bring to life concepts, and help showcase them in an entirely one-of-a-kind way that could bring your product to a whole new set of people.


Augmented Reality is our specialism, and we use it to help our clients bring their events to life. Animation plays a big part in this, and we have a talented team who can add an extensive array of effects to your personal photos and videos in order to achieve the perfect end result.


Filled to the brim with technological talent, our coding team is responsible for the perfect functionality and interactivity of the finished piece, whether you have only a vague idea of what you want or a clear concept in mind.