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Augmented Reality has wide application across corporate events, and can contribute towards the success of your campaign and brand. Whether you are organising an event, attending a conference, or presenting to potential investors – find out how Augmented Reality can enhance your product offering:

  • AR Events Invitations

Increase customer engagement with your event with our AR interactive invitations where content that is easily accessed by downloading our app, and simply scanning a page to activate content. Also, your guests will be able to RSVP quicker, save the date in their calendar, sharing the event on social media and many other features.

We will also send you Guest’s analytics with a break down of how many guests opened and interacted with your invitation.

Some of the Features:

Video Message, Real-time RSVP,  Personalisation, Add to calendar, Direct web links, Online Bookings, Online Shopping, Photo Gallery, Directions, Guest’s Analytics

  • AR Event Maps

AR can also be used at congresses and conferences to bring maps, banners or large backdrops to life with engaging content.

  • AR Interactive Product Visualisation

Augmented Reality provides you with a unique opportunity to showcase your products and demonstrate their features and benefits in an interactive way. Interactive visualisation is the next step in the evolution of product demonstration, bringing together high-quality descriptions, 3D imaging and Augmented Reality into a smart virtual showcase for the digital age. It’s the key to corporate event success, allowing your customers to view your product from every angle, interacting

with its key features and understanding it inside and out. And if it isn’t possible in the real world, you can make it happen in Augmented Reality.

  • Bespoke AR Experiences for Brand engagement and awareness.

From the initial creation and optimisation of 3D objects through to the development of a customer focused app with full implementation of AR, we can help you to bring your products to life in a unique and creative way. Please contact us to discuss your project.

  • Interactive brochures and catalogues
    Increase brand engagement and awareness. Drive engagement and sales. Bring traditional marketing materials to life with digital content that is easily accessed by downloading our app, and simply scanning a page to activate content. AR can be used in many printed materials including product catalogues, brochures, flyers and business cards.

To find out how we can help you with AR experience for your Corporate Event please contact us now.