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  • Digital Pop-Ups got featured at the BQ Magazine. I don’t think we develop life-saving tech as the title says but, for sure it is life-changing the way we are using Augmented Reality to communicate at a much deeper level with audiences. For the full interview click below:

  • I would like to thank Zappar for my interview, my story and my journey with Digital Pop-Ups. Read it here:

  • AR doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective. This is  simple AR card example for The College of Optometrists at their masterclass event for demonstration purposes.The higher the number the clearer the image just like when you go for your eye test.

  • We are thrilled to say that our client Suzan Turan, from The Aquarian Health Store was a finalist at the Retail Digital Marketing Award 2018 in which our Augmented Reality postcard was part of it. Congratulation Suzan Turan, you deserve it. You are leading innovation and you are a great inspiration for others.

  • Digital Pop-Ups has developed and now launched an AR experience for the Heart Valve Voice (at the European Heart Valve Awareness Day) that allows patients to visit a “Cath Lab” from their phone or tablet.The app prepares patients for going into surgery allowing them to see what the cath lab looks like, move around inside

  • Digital Pop-Ups will be launching an AR experience at the European Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day on September the 8th at the ExCel Centre in London. Patient organisations from The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and The Netherlands have come together to organise a series of events that will help to celebrate the first

  • Our work for our client the Aquarian Health Store in Cahersiveen in Ireland has been featured at the Rude Health Magazine.

  • Great day at Zappar with Chris Holton, Daniel Hartz, Dave Mather, Connel, Seb and the amazing team in London yesterday. Zappar has developed the tech we use for our AR experiences. They are on the bleeding edge of R&D across AR, VR and MR. They also , for the part 7 years, have been running

  • Our client, The Aquarian Health Store in Cahersiveen launches a NEW SUMMER CAMPAIGN using Augmented Reality (AR). Digital Pop-Ups has created a postcard that comes to life through mobile devices. This is an innovative and fun way to get locals and visitors engaged for the chance to win prizes, to promote Cahersiveen in Ireland as


  • What an amazing time I had at the techXLR8 at London exCel during the London Tech Week. Thank you to all who visited Digital Pop-Ups stand.


  • SO EXCITING!! Digital Pop-Ups will be at the TechXLR8 during the London Tech Week. Come and visit us at London exCel at the Project Kairos section stand number PK71. look forward to seeing you there ! 😉 #TechXLR8

  • This is an excellent overview how AR has been used so far, how you can implement it in your marketing strategy and how it affects the user’s brain.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) for Real-Estate Today, just over half of all real-estate properties are located via the internet and almost all prospective buyers now begin their research on line. Things are moving fast in all online sectors and Real-Estate is no exception.Whilst it remains relatively simple for on-location buyers to visit properties in their locality,

  • Thank you to all who attended our AR talk at Google Digital Garage this evening. It was a full hour talk about AR, its history, which industries are using it and how with some demonstration as well as what the future holds. Thanks to Google too for the lovely premises and amazing staff.

  • Would like to engage your audience? Attract more customers? And stand out from the competiton? Join us at our talk on how augmented reality can benefit your business at the Google Garage in Manchester. Book Now: I look forward seeing you there.  

  • It was a pleasure to be intivted to give a talk about AR at the launch Spark2Scale Networking Event by the Business Growth Hub. Some photos of the Digital Pop-Ups presentation and our Networking Selfie.

  • Our International Women’s day AR experience was a finalist of Zapworks 360 Gyro Competition.Read more here: of their words:What the judges thought…”The 3D used in Milenne’s experience was executed really well, I also liked that she included a social share element to her experience by including a photo feature at the end. “- Dewd”A

  • Augmented Reality can help you with the first stage in the rapid prototyping process. It is a quick way to show ideas by quickly mocking-up the future state of a concept.In this example, AR can give as to place this concept design of a kiosk for a new brand of cupcakes firstly on your desk

  • Today, innovation is expected from both advertisers and cutting-edge brands which become more and more sophisticated with the arrival of each new technology. Augmented Reality  (AR) is just that — an additional layer of sophistication to your brand’s communication strategy.AR creates rich and immersive interactive user experiences which not only offer the client additional information,

  • One more step of our interactive augmented reality animated dinosaur. He is a cutie. Whether it is to inform, engage or educate, we work closely with our clients to create unique experiences for their target audience which inspire, engage and influence in a memorable way. The possibilities are endless. Why not trying something different for

  • Developing a new building, buying a new home, refurbishing a new area, can be very daunting and also it can be a long process trying to imagine what may look like.Augmented reality puts the buyer in the actual space. This is a demo of our Gyro Tour, an augmented reality tool using 360-degree photographs for

  • Augmented reality has the potential to generate valuable advertising experiences during events.But imagine being able to unlock additional relevant information about exhibitors and services at the event through the use of Augmented Reality?This is an example of triggering content from an exhibition event map where users can access more details about each exhibitor by scanning

  • are many simple and effective ways that you can use augmented reality for your business.  Zoey and Michelle from the Urban Wedding Company are launching their business and website today. It is Manchester’s first urban, industrial wedding and styling company. They are different they to help them to pass the message across and engage

  • AR experience was created to celebrate Women in Technology on the 2018 Women’s Day on social media. This is a 360 immersive experience where users move the phone around. A version for using headset was also developed. Once the image is scanned, the user is transfered to a gallery with photos of the women

  • Get involved to celebrate the International Women’s day tomorrow March the 8th!  Digital Pop-Ups is celebrating Women in Technology in the 2018 International Women’s Day! So, try our Augmented Reality experience! Learn about 8 of the women pioneers that made history in technological era.  Only 5% of tech startups are own my women, only 17%

  • Let’s support Women in Technology!  We have created an AR experience to celebrate women in technology for the 2018 International Women’s Day. Just download the Zappar app on your app store and point it to the picture below. Remember to move your phone around and participate by taking a picture on our Selfie Frame and

  • When mum loves tech! Of course, I had to do my daughter’s Augmented Reality 13th birthday card. It was great to see her surprise when the card came to life. It is not about the tech, but the emotional connection that was created with photos since she was a baby until now. Lovely! And I