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"AR experiences deliver almost double the levels of engagement compared to their non-AR equivalent." Neuro-Insight Book free AR Strategy Session

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Enhancing customer experience with AR at your event

Improve communication

Engage your audience

Increase Exposure

Maximise Roi


AR enables you to resolve the problem of dealing with increasingly fractured and distracted audiences at your conference, trade show, exhibition or other events. We help businesses to gain more exposure, increase engagement and accelerate sales by enhancing customer experience using Augmented Reality.


We make your stands and marketing materials come to life with interactive content at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

AR Event Strategy

Design and 3D


AR Analytics



AR is portable and fast and can literally be set up anywhere.

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It provides you with fascinating, unique and appealing ways in which to connect with your target audience.

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Powerful engagement

Your users are able to explore relevant content in an enthralling way, encouraging great engagement.

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immersive experiences that attendees want to get involved in

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