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AR enables you to resolve the problem of dealing with increasingly fractured and distracted audiences. Digital Pop-Ups is a B2B Augmented Reality creative studio that helps clients to inspire, engage and educate audiences by enhancing their communication with Augmented Reality. We create extra levels of communication by adding interactive digital content that can be triggered from your marketing materials via mobile devices.


We create Augmented Reality experiences which means we can bring any print to life with interactive digital content like video, audio, animations, 3D objects, virtual spaces, photos or any other relevant content. We develop long-term relationships with every client, understanding their needs empathically and providing measurable results. Industries: Live Events, Tourism, Arquitecture and Interiors, Real Estate, Retail, Marketing and Education. Our specialised services include:

Concept and Design

We design how the AR experience looks and feels for the user, ensuring that the product logically flows throughout all its features. It includes Graphic Design, UI and UX Design.

3D Modelling

We create 3D models of your products, objects or characters that can then be animated to truly enhance your audience’s AR experience.


Filled to the brim with technological talent, our coding team can help you to develop perfect finished piece.

AR Analytics

We track user behaviour, providing invaluable user data and engagement analysis.


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AR is portable and fast and can literally be set up anywhere.

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It provides you with fascinating, unique and appealing ways in which to connect with your target audience.

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Powerful engagement

Your users are able to explore relevant content in an enthralling way, encouraging great engagement.

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